RV DIY: Installing an Inverter, Batteries, and Solar Panel System

We prefer tranquil, remote RV camping destinations, which means we do a lot of boondocking. So no water, no paved roads, and no electricity. We have a generator that runs great, but we don’t want to run it constantly when we’re trying to enjoy our peaceful locations. Since our batteries need to be replaced now, we are going all in with an inverter and a solar panel system. That way we can install the best batteries for the new system and take on the massive wiring project all at once. And when we’re camping out in the middle of nowhere desert, our solar panels can quietly soak up the sun and charge the RV batteries all day without having to run the noisy generator. Plus, with the inverter we will be able to watch TV and use the microwave without having to turn on the generator, which will come in handy while driving.

My husband, Matt, is the mastermind behind this entire project. He has been researching and teaching himself how to install the inverter, solar panels, and new batteries. Not to mention figuring out and ordering all the other materials he needs for the installation (wire, new battery cables, fuses, switches, crimping tools, etc.)

We’re installing a Renogy 3000w pure sine wave inverter charger, two 100w solar panels, and two 6 volt deep cycle AGM batteries. Matt installed the batteries last weekend, and I snagged a short video of him talking about the new battery cables he used.

Thus far, we have installed two Renogy 6 volt deep cycle AGM batteries with new battery cables.

I’ll post a few updates as Matt progresses and when it’s totally complete I’ll share a list of all the materials we used for the installation. Wish us luck!

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