Ultimate Jeep Trip: Mojave Road

day-1The Mojave Road is a 130 mile dirt road that traverses the Mojave National Preserve, and makes for an incredibly fun and historical three-day Jeep trip. The road starts out in Laughlin, Nevada and ends a little north of Barstow, California.  Along the way there are historical landmarks, abandoned mining camps and even a lava tube to explore. Camping is primitive (no running water, no bathrooms) and the spots we’ve camped at have been remote with great views.

My husband and I have taken this trip twice, both times with friends from the Wrangler Forum. I made a few videos to give you an idea what the trip is like (thanks to Steve P. for collaborating on these videos!) and also included a list of items to pack in addition to your normal camping gear.

Day 1 of our 3 day Mojave Road offroading trip, complete with stops at Fort Piute, the penny can, Joshua Tree Forest, Rock Spring, and Bert Smith’s House.

Day 2 of our Mojave Road offroad trip covers 19 miles and includes stops at the Death Valley Mine Camp, Mojave Road Mailbox, Lava Tubes, and Aiken Mine.

More resources:

An interactive map of our route, created by Armand who led the trip: http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=1895271

Armand’s list of what to bring (in addition to your usual offroading/camping gear):

– 5 gallons of extra gasoline (It’s about 160 miles from gas station to gas station, and it’s possible you might barely make it without extra gasoline, but there’s also very good chance you won’t, so just play it safe.)

– Portable toilet and wag bags for packing out the waste. Catholes are no longer allowed on the Mojave Road.

– Bee sting treatment (hydrocortisone cream/calamine lotion/sting-eaze/antihistamine/etc).

– Allergy treatment, if needed.

– Extra food, water and anything you or your Jeep might need (at times we’ll be many miles away from any services or supplies)

– Provisions for two nights of primitive camping

– 2 bundles of firewood

– A penny to drop in the “Penny Can” for good luck

– Flashlight handy for walking through the Lava Tube

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