RV Renovation: Jackknife Couch Before/After

There are a few items on our fix-it list before we take the Winnebago on her maiden voyage, and one of them is to modernize the interior just a bit. The interior is in pristine condition except it’s heavy on the mauve. There’s a mauve dinette, mauve window treatments, mauve carpet, mauve captain chair, and, oh yeah, a mauve jackknife couch. Read More

Farewell, Winnebago

She was our first RV, a 1989 Winnebago Superchief. We bought her back in 2014 so that we could transition from tent camping to RV camping, knowing that we were ready to expand our family and welcome two new little people into our lives. This Winnebago was everything we needed in a RV for these four short years, and we made so many happy camping memories thanks to her. She was big enough for our weekend camping trips with friends, our five-day boondocking trips to Glamis, and she was even comfortable when we started setting up the pack and play crib, portable high chair, and all the other baby gear we lugged along on our adventures. Now, with a three-year-old AND a one-year-old, we’re making the move to a newer RV with slides and a bunkhouse. So with mixed emotions, here’s one last look at our 1989 Winnebago Superchief, along with a few details in case anyone out there is interested in making new memories with her. She has been well cared for, has received regular maintenance, and everything works. Read More

5 Steps to an Organized RVĀ 

Up until this year, I never really thought much about organizing everything in our RV. When packing for a camping trip, I’d just carry out all our food and clothes and start cramming it into all the cabinets. Two kids and a ton of baby gear later, the cabinets and closets in our RV are stuffed and I can never seem to find anything without rifling through every nook and cranny. So after our last crowded camping trip, I pledged to completely organize everything inside our RV and make the little space we have more efficient, streamline packing, and avoid future clutter. Read More

How to Make an Old RV Shine

We have an old 1989 Winnebago Superchief that runs great, but the exterior looked dull and tired. After researching paint jobs and vinyl wraps that were out of our price range, my husband found a DIY polishing solution that, with a ton of elbow grease, shines up old RVs and helps repel dirt. This project took us two solid days to complete and about $100 worth of supplies. It’s best to wash/prep your RV on day one and apply at least one coat of polish, then come back on day two to finish applying 3-4 more coats of polish. The more polish you apply, the shinier and deeper the finish. Read More

Farewell Tents, Hello RV!

I’ve been a die hard tent camper my entire life; I love the simplicity of setting up a tent and keeping my gear minimal. But recently I made a big mistake… while camping in Glamis my husband and I stayed in a RV instead of our tent. And wow, was it wonderful! Read More