DIY Spare Tire Rack

The toughest part about Jeep camping trips is organizing all your gear and fitting it in your Jeep… and still being able to take a furry buddy in the backseat. My husband, Matt, decided to make a Frankenstein spare tire rack out of $60 Harbor Freight receiver hitch cargo carrier that attaches to the Smitty Built spare tire carrier currently on our Jeep.IMG_1216Our spare tire rack loaded up with firewood and gas on the Mojave Trail.


With a little steel, cutting and welding magic, Matt designed a rack that bolts onto our spare tire carrier when we need the extra space. The rack is perfect for carrying a couple bundles of firewood or a sturdy box. (And our yellow lab, Indiana, gets very excited every time he hears that Jeep engine roar!)

Harbor Freight doesn’t carry the receiver hitch cargo carrier  anymore, but this website sells the same rack for $50.

IMG_1198Progress picsIMG_1199

IMG_1208Finished rack bolts onto the existing tire carrier.


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