5 Steps to an Organized RV 

Up until this year, I never really thought much about organizing everything in our RV. When packing for a camping trip, I’d just carry out all our food and clothes and start cramming it into all the cabinets. Two kids and a ton of baby gear later, the cabinets and closets in our RV are stuffed and I can never seem to find anything without rifling through every nook and cranny. So after our last crowded camping trip, I pledged to completely organize everything inside our RV and make the little space we have more efficient, streamline packing, and avoid future clutter. Read More

SOLD: Our Incredible Jeep!

We bought our 1997 Jeep TJ back in 2009 completely bone stock. Since then, we’ve transformed it into an off-roading beast that can tackle any trail. We’ve trekked it across deserts, traversed sand dunes, and explored rocky mountain trails. But now with two small children that won’t be ready for Jeep adventures for a few more years, it’s time for us to bid farewell to our trusty Jeep. Read More

How to Make an Old RV Shine

We have an old 1989 Winnebago Superchief that runs great, but the exterior looked dull and tired. After researching paint jobs and vinyl wraps that were out of our price range, my husband found a DIY polishing solution that, with a ton of elbow grease, shines up old RVs and helps repel dirt. This project took us two solid days to complete and about $100 worth of supplies. It’s best to wash/prep your RV on day one and apply at least one coat of polish, then come back on day two to finish applying 3-4 more coats of polish. The more polish you apply, the shinier and deeper the finish. Read More

Aerial Views of Tectonic Gorge Trail, Ocotillo Wells

I decided to test my DJI Phantom quadcopter on our recent camping trip out in Ocotillo Wells to see what kind of aerial footage I could capture. Here’s a short video of my footage, along with a few aerial photos. Read More

Jeep Project: LCOG Build Phase 1

For the past year I’ve been experiencing massive Jeep withdrawals because our Jeep has been undergoing a suspension and fender alteration to achieve a lower center of gravity (LCOG). After driving around for five years with a  tall, top-heavy Jeep, we’re reducing our lift from 5.5 inches to 2.5 inches to make it a little more highway friendly and easier to hop into, while still maintaining its off-road capabilities. The stock fenders are getting trashed and we’ll be installing  Poison Spyder high-line  fenders to maintain similar (or better) suspension travel that we enjoyed before. Accompanying these fenders in the front will be new taller shock towers (via Ford truck shock towers), a new track bar by JKS, new Bilstein 5125 shocks and new 2.5 inch front progressive coil springs from Rough Country. Read More

Rock Climbing at Joshua Tree

I’ve gone camping and exploring out in Joshua Tree numerous times, but can you believe I’ve never tried rock climbing? A few weeks ago, my brother and his family were in town visiting, and being the Joshua Tree rock climbing maniac he is, we planned a 4 day trip out to Joshua Tree so he could get his desert fix.

It was spring break, but we were lucky enough to find a nice, big site at Ryan Campground. We camped at site #2 and there was plenty of room for three big tents. Camping costs $10 per night at Joshua Tree, it’s all first-come first-served (no reservations), there’s no running water and  restrooms facilities are pit toilets. It’s not fancy, but you can’t beat the desert views. We were able to hike around the campground and go bouldering with the kids around Headstone; plenty to do and see right within walking distance.

My brother, John, took us out to a climb called “Barney Rubble” to try out our climbing skills. John has been trekking out to Joshua Tree to climb since the 1980s, so he has a good grasp on the climbs and difficulty levels he was introducing us to. I gave it a shot, and wow, it was challenging and adrenaline pumping. Watch my video below to check out the climb we tried and how my niece and nephews did.

Farewell Tents, Hello RV!

I’ve been a die hard tent camper my entire life; I love the simplicity of setting up a tent and keeping my gear minimal. But recently I made a big mistake… while camping in Glamis my husband and I stayed in a RV instead of our tent. And wow, was it wonderful! Read More